Thunderbird Real Food Bars Review

Bottom Line:

Thunderbird Real Food Bars contain 100% natural, real, simple food ingredients you can pronounce and 0% additives. Certified organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO with no added sugar, dairy or soy, you can be sure that every bar is crammed full of deliciousness. They leave all of the unnecessary ingredients out to maximize on getting all of the nutrients in.


There are 10 flavours to choose from and they come in 2 combinations: high energy Fruit & Nut for an energy boost and lower sugar Nut & Seed for more sustained energy during activity.

Taste: Thunderbird Real Food Bars bars have a nice subtle flavour to them. I didn’t find any single ingredient to be overpowering, which is pleasant and helps to avoid flavour fatigue. When they add a spice like cinnamon, it’s a hint of taste rather than overwhelming flavour.

Texture: With over half of the bars full of fibre-rich dates, fruits, nuts and seeds it’s a pleasing combination of soft, not overly chewy with some bites full of crunch from nuts and seeds. As a coffee lover I was pleasantly surprised with the coffee bean crunch I had when I tried the Hazelnut, Coffee & Maca bar.

Ingredients: Just real food. No added sugars or additives so the bars are naturally sweet, naturally crunchy and naturally good for you. The list of ingredients is short and you will know exactly what each one is.


Fruit & Nut: Almond, Apricot & Vanilla, Cherry, Walnut & Cinnamon, Cashew, Fig & Carrot, Pineapple, Mango & Papaya, Cacao, Hemp & Walnut

Nut & Seed: Hazelnut, Coffee & Maca, Pecans, Gojis & Pistachios, Texas Maple Pecan, Peach, Pecan & Vanilla, Hemp, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed

The nutrition facts for each bar will vary – some are higher in protein, some are lower in sugars and some are higher in calories. However the one thing that remains consistent with Thunderbird Energy Bars is that you will find nothing but fruit, nuts and seeds inside. They pack a nutritional and energy punch when you need it. It means a lot to me that companies like this are paying attention to the fact that people are looking for simple, real food to fuel their lives and accommodating a wide range of dietary lifestyles.


  • Real food ingredients makes it easy for people with food sensitivities or allergies
  • Accommodate a wide range of dietary lifestyles
  • Delicious and subtle flavour profiles that leave you feeling satisfied
  • Unique and diverse selection of flavours to choose from
  • Every ingredient you find in the bar is recognizable


  • Naturally sweet. Although this is not a negative it is worth noting for those that may be used to the “candy bar” style of alot of energy bars out there. These are whole food, natural bars that provide a more stable sustained energy.

Buy it if:

Like me you are looking for all natural, real food snack options that not only taste good but are good for you.

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Thunderbird Link: Thunderbird Real Food Bars
Cost (at time of writing): USD $29.95 (box of 15)

Author: Spring McClurg

I moved to B.C. with my husband in 2010 after spending 6 years living abroad in Ireland. Originally from a small town in Alberta that was minutes away from the Rockies, I always knew I would return to the mountains one day. I love spending as much time as I can in the mountains, whether it be mountaineering, rock climbing or simply running on the backcountry trails. I love to challenge myself and seek out new experiences.

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