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Three flavours to choose from.

Bottom Line:

Natti Bar is 100% dehydrated banana, one ingredient, it’s that simple. Have you ever tried to take a banana in your backpack on a hike or camping trip? I have and it’s usually a bit of a disaster. The Natti bar is a convenient way to bring bananas with you wherever you go without the worry of ending up with mush in the bottom of your pack.

One simple ingredient: Banana.

Natti Bar Observations:

The Natti Bar is naturally gluten-free, vegan and made with non-GMO bananas; it is “pure banana goodness” . There are three flavour combinations to choose from: the original banana bar, banana & cacao nibs and banana & dark chocolate. Let’s be perfectly honest you really can’t go wrong with bananas and chocolate in my opinion!

Taste: No surprises, the Natti Bar tastes like ripe banana, although slightly sweeter due to the condensed nature of dehydrated fruit. The combination of cacao nibs adds an earthy, bitter chocolaty crunch. Whereas the dark chocolate adds a whole other layer of deliciousness.

Enjoying a Natti Bar while ski touring.

Texture: A fruit leather type consistency which is pleasant and not too chewy. Due to the high sugar content and low water content of dehydrated fruit, these bars will not fully freeze in cold temps, which is a bonus for winter activities.

Banana and dark chocolate are a perfect combination.

Ingredients: One to three ingredients. By keeping it simple they kept it tasty. If you are a fan of bananas and chocolate then this ingredient list was made for you. Even with the addition of the chocolate the Natti Bar ranges from 110-150 calories each, the average calories of a medium to large-sized banana.

Very simple ingredient list.

Chocolate and banana go together like peanut butter and jelly, it’s like they were made for each other and Natti Bar knew this when they made this bar. They are keeping it natural, keeping it simple and in doing so have created a convenient, delicious way to take bananas with you wherever you go.

Same fruit, updated packaging.


Taste: Slightly sweeter than a fresh banana with a concentrated banana flavour.
Packable: Super convenient way to take bananas with you on the go.
Simple: Only 3 bars to choose from which have 1-3 ingredients each, it makes it simple to know exactly what you are eating.


It’s not a fresh banana. I mean let’s be real, nothing can replace the taste of a fresh banana, but Natti Bar does something an actual banana can’t do and that’s let you throw it in a bag and take it wherever you go.

But it if:

You love the taste of banana and would love a convenient way to take these delicious, nutrient packed snacks with you on the go.


Natti Bar Link: Natti Bars
Cost (at time of writing): USD$31.84 (box of 16)

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