McConkey Movie

This is not another Ski Movie.

This is a really well researched, edited and composed documentary about living life fully, pursuing purpose and the challenge to never stop dreaming.

The subject of the documentary centers around the life and ultimately, the passing, of Shane McConkey, a free skier turned base jumper, and his impact on the culture of extreme sports. It intricately traces the path he followed from a child onwards. This process is executed meticulously, thanks in large part to Shanes personal efforts to document and video his own life from a young age.

You do not need to be an adrenalin junkie to take something away from watching this. Everyone will garner something of value. Similar to the story of Christopher McCandless in “Into the Wild” (Our review of Into The Wild) it would be naive to say that it was their way of life and principles that brought about their end.

Shane lived with passion, which I feel is the most important lesson that can be learned from watching this film. From a young age he put very little value on monetary gain. Rightly so, the bulk of his energy went into nourishing that which drove him. His love of being in nature and testing the limits of human potential.

Many of us may be able to say that we lived longer than Shane, but I doubt that many of us will admit to having lived truer to ourselves than him.

This documentary is not about the glorification of risk, or in idolising those that pursue it. It is about challenging all of us to dream a little more and to not simply live a life staring at the heels of those in front of us, but rather to forge our own path and leave a new trail for others to follow.

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Author: Leigh McClurg

I grew up in County Dublin, Ireland and moved to British Columbia, Canada with my wife in 2010. I fell in love with being in the Backcountry and Mountains that are all around me here and try to spend all of my free time exploring those wild places. My main goals are to chase happiness, see as much of this planet and its cultures as possible and grow every day through knowledge and experiences.

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