March Training Update

A quick update on how things are going with training.

Wow… March went by so fast, it’s now the middle of April and the big day is getting ever closer.  Every morning, for at least the last 4 weeks , when I wake up the first thought that usually runs through my mind is how many months and weeks are left until August 10, race day! I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that my mind is so focused on the race. I have to keep reminding myself…. just breathe.

I had a couple of weeks in March that I found hard to fit training in. There are so many things that I want to be doing and often running is pushed aside to make room for spending a weekend in the mountains. I want to be out rock climbing, biking, mountaineering and long distance running…but the weekends are not long enough nor do I have enough energy for all of these activities all the time. Really needing to centre my attention on getting my long distance runs in at least 3 weekends a month and saving one weekend for heading out into the mountains.  Rock climbing and biking can happen during the week after work so I don’t have to worry too much about those. To add to my frustration I am still having difficulty getting up early to run before work. I need to be doubling up some days, even if it’s running 5km in the morning and another 5-10km in the evening. There is a big gap between the athlete I want to be and the athlete that I am right now.

So my longest training run to date has been a 27km trail run with some decent elevation gain/loss. I even had enough energy afterwards to go for a little downhill MTB session with my other half. Feeling pretty strong lately (but have some niggling issues with my right hip and shoulder that I am trying to solve) and want to make sure I am able to maintain this momentum. My diet definitely is playing the largest role (and getting at least 7-8 hrs of sleep every night) in how I feel. I have been putting a lot of focus on eating more natural organic foods and really ramping up the veg & fruit intake. I have also been making sure to get a lot of very dense nutrient rich calories every day, with things like almonds, avocado, salmon, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc. In our house we also decided to cut down on dairy so we are only using Almond/Coconut Milk now and I am trying to cut out gluten/wheat products where I can (eating alot of salads, lentils and brown rice).  It’ s all really an experiment to see just how good I can feel because you never really know until you make some changes and see what happens.

I am also going to be doing a 3 day juice cleanse starting April 22 so I am pretty interested to see how that goes. Having never done a cleanse I am keen to see how my energy levels do. It’s only a short one as I can’t have it interfere with training, but will definitely share some thoughts on it while I am doing it.

As always thanks for reading and if you have any comments or tips for me please share. I love hearing from other people what works for them and it’s always good to get a discussion going!

Author: Spring McClurg

I moved to B.C. with my husband in 2010 after spending 6 years living abroad in Ireland. Originally from a small town in Alberta that was minutes away from the Rockies, I always knew I would return to the mountains one day. I love spending as much time as I can in the mountains, whether it be mountaineering, rock climbing or simply running on the backcountry trails. I love to challenge myself and seek out new experiences.

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