January Training Update

Ok so I thought it was time for an update as it’s been about a month since I registered for the Squamish 50 50km trail race. I am still feeling very excited about the race which is a good sign. But I am not going to pretend that I have been super motivated all the time. Despite feeling excited about the race, I also know what’s involved to get my body to a level that running that kind of distance won’t be absolute torture, and some days it’s down right tough to convince myself to get out there. Lately my goal has been trying to  run more, you know just trying to get the ol’ running legs back. My brilliant idea has been to get up earlier during the week and try to get a run in before breakfast. Hmm let’s count how many times this has happened over the last few weeks….zero! It could be the dark mornings, but really I think it is just my mind playing games with me, and it’s really a game I don’t have time for. So new goal: DON”T GIVE IN !

Now that I have that rant over with, let’s get right down to it. The last few runs I have been on have felt great. Mind you, they have only been 4-5 mile runs, but I am running them at a good pace. Last week I ran a 4 miler at a 7min 47sec/per mile pace, which is good for me.  It’s nice to know that all the extra hiking/climbing, snowshoeing, biking etc. that I have been doing over the last while is keeping my fitness level up.

So cross training is definitely going to play a huge part in my training this year. The last 2 marathons that I trained for (training on my own after doing my own research) ended up being just about running. While I know getting miles on your legs has its merits and I think you should train long distance to race long distance, I really want to add more cross training into my plan this time. I am hoping to get stronger and faster by supplementing my running with biking (mostly hills of course), skiing, back-country snowshoeing etc. I am still going to be running long distances during the training but on non-running days I am going to mix it up and just enjoy being active. And hey what’s stopping me from biking to a trail, going for a run and then biking home.

That’s the plan anyway and we all know plans can change! So as the weeks go by I will be tweaking my training plan, learning new tips, making some mistakes, having good days and bad days and of course I will be sharing it all. The more people I let know about my goals the more accountability I feel to keeping on track. So if you have any questions, tips or are a training newb like me I would love to hear from you.




Author: Spring McClurg

I moved to B.C. with my husband in 2010 after spending 6 years living abroad in Ireland. Originally from a small town in Alberta that was minutes away from the Rockies, I always knew I would return to the mountains one day. I love spending as much time as I can in the mountains, whether it be mountaineering, rock climbing or simply running on the backcountry trails. I love to challenge myself and seek out new experiences.

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